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Turn a Closet Into a Home Office in 6 Easy Steps BODi

A few nails, paint, and a drill can convert unused square footage into your new favorite corner. Cloffice storage ideas are incomplete without considering the sides of the closet. Add some shelves or cabinets to those areas to create further room inside a small workspace. Remove the top that was being test fit in the last step. It should fit against the bottom of the strip of MDF installed in the closet. Cut interior beams from MDF and test fit them on the bottom of the desk as shown.

‘In our project JB Mews, we created a compact office at the back of the property in a small closet room,’ says Tom Rutt, founder of TR Studio. If you suddenly have multiple family members working or studying from home, office space may be limited. Converting a closet will give you more usable workspace. One converting closet to office person can work at the kitchen table, another can work in a permanent office and another can work at the closet office. Add desk plants to keep spirits high while working remotely. Since it’s designed to fit inside of an existing closet, the design of a Cloffice is usually fairly simple and straightforward.

Step 10: Reinstall Desk

In this post, I’ll be showing you ideas for how to design your own DIY closet desk and will show you how I transformed a small walk-in closet into a cloffice. Once you’ve equipped your cloffice with the basics, incorporate added function and your personal style with a few extras. “Most reach-in closets are about 2 feet deep, so a shallow desk can slide right in,” says professional organizer Kay Patterson. “Some fun wallpaper or cute desk decor will make the space more inviting.” Remote work has become the new normal for many, and home offices are now in high demand. But for those who don’t have an entire room to spare, creating a functional work-from-home setup can be a challenge.

As long as you have several sources of light, you can turn off the ones you don’t need at the moment and create an ideal ambience in your home office. Having no doors makes a small space office appear larger; the downside is lack of privacy. However, curtains and dividers can easily separate work and home life without taking up too much space.

Closet office ideas – 10 clever ways to create home working space

With a little imagination and effort, you can easily make your closet look like a built in cabinet. Shelves and organizers make more efficient use of the closet space and are essential for making the most of it. Adding a bright LED light fixture to the closet makes the interior more visible and usable. Applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceiling can make a big difference in terms of making the new closet more inviting. Sweep and mop the floor and vacuum all interior surfaces to ensure a proper and clean workspace. The options are endless, so have fun and get creative with your unused closet!.

To add personality to a small-space desk area, add wallpaper, a soothing paint color, or a peel-and-stick backsplash (or even real tile, if budget allows). Then hang floating shelves to function as a desk and bookshelf. Install an overhead light to free up space on your desk, then pull up a comfy office chair. The closet office (or “cloffice,” as it’s commonly called), can take a couple of forms. In some cases, individuals have chosen to repurpose unused closets in their homes and turn them into mini workspaces.

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