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Sober living

The Truth About Holiday Spirits National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA

One survey found that 18 percent of women orgasmed from penetration alone, while 37 percent said they also needed clitoral stimulation to orgasm during intercourse. Instead of rushing toward intercourse, the focus should be on “outercourse,” Dr. Kerner said, which… Continue Reading…

Sober living

11 ways to curb your drinking

Content What Does It Mean When You Crave Alcohol? Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Best Way to Stop Alcohol Cravings Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Ways Oregano Oil Can Boost Your Overall Health Essential Tips for Reducing Alcohol Cravings Right Now You’d… Continue Reading…

Sober living

Does Vodka Make You Gain Weight? Easy Ways to Avoid Weight Gain

A common-sense approach is to drink very moderately, if consuming a very small amount of alcohol will make staying on the diet easier. And exercise might compensate for the extra calories so weight loss won’t be slowed. But if the… Continue Reading…

Sober living

Drinking too much alcohol can harm your health Learn the facts

Content Sign Up for SAMHSA Email Updates Alcoholism What is alcohol use disorder? Blood Pressure Medications What causes alcohol use disorder? Emerging Trends in Substance Misuse: Group meetings are available in most communities at low or no cost, and at… Continue Reading…