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How did I know about this?

I got to know about this just by accident. We were facing the distressing prospect of being evicted from our rented apartment due to financial difficulties. In that moment of despair, I came across a forgotten carton belonging to my late grandfather. Inside, I discovered a treasure trove of files and cassettes. Intrigued, I converted them into digital format. As I delved into my grandfather's meticulously documented research, a profound realization unfolded. These files revealed that by immersing oneself in the sounds set at a specific frequency, one could shatter the barriers hindering abundance and become a magnet for wealth. If it sounds too extraordinary to comprehend, rest assured, the answer lies just ahead.

How does this work?

Pay close attention to this when I explain it to you. The functioning of our solar system, including our planet Earth, is governed by the intricate interplay of planetary forces. The sun, the source of life and light, the moon, the orchestrator of tides and emotions, and even Jupiter and Saturn, shielding us from potential cosmic threats. Each planet holds sway over us through its gravitational pull and celestial positioning. However, the rays of these planets fail to reach us in their entirety, hindered by blocked passages along their journey. Let us venture deeper into this fascinating phenomenon. Every individual on this planet is connected to invisible passages, though only a fortunate few are born with naturally open conduits. For the majority, our energy passages are obstructed, impeding the flow of financial abundance into our lives. Perhaps you've heard tales of families experiencing a surge in prosperity following the birth of a child or after a wedding, as if by cosmic design. These fortunate souls possess unobstructed and untainted energy passages, instantly attracting opulence, wealth, and abundance.


Now, when you immerse yourself in the sound waves resonating at a specific frequency, your body emits vibrations that reverberate within the passages, gradually prying them open. As these previously blocked conduits yield to the cosmic flow, the radiant rays of the planets reach you in their entirety, igniting transformative change. However, I must be honest with you. These sound waves hold the key solely to financial prosperity. It remains a mysterious phenomenon to us all. It won't intervene in matters of love, health, or any other realm. Its focus is singular: wealth. You may encounter millionaires whose personal lives falter while their financial passages remain open, enriching them materially but leaving other aspects wanting.


What I offer you transcends mere passage clearing. It presents you with unparalleled opportunities, ones that defy your wildest imaginings. Whether you believe or have faith in it is inconsequential, for this method works regardless. You need only apply it just by listening to the sound waves each morning and then proceeding with your day. Nothing else to be done.

How to use it?

To unlock the transformative power of these sound clips, all it takes is a simple daily routine. Each morning, after waking up, dedicate a few minutes to listen to the carefully curated sound clips. There are a total of nine clips, designed to align with the energy of each day of the week. Seven Sound Clips for seven days, and two to be repeated. Rest assured, when you sign up for this incredible opportunity, you will receive an email containing all the necessary details and instructions to guide you on your journey to abundance.

Why am I doing this?

I've personally experienced some incredibly challenging times in my life. I've known what it's like to be broke and homeless, and I understand the hardships of navigating the real world. That's why I believe in spreading this knowledge far and wide, because the more people who benefit, the more we all thrive. It's not about the money for me. I genuinely believe that every individual on this planet has the right to live a life of financial freedom on their own terms. The nominal fee I charge for these audio clips merely covers the production cost, as I am well aware that many of those reading this are in need and may not have much to spare.

Why am I charging money?

Now, let's address the most important question: Why am I charging money for something that I could easily give away for free, considering my own wealth? The reason is simple: there needs to be an energy exchange. I've learned from past experiences that offering my help freely without any exchange started to have adverse effects on me. There are certain laws of nature that cannot be overlooked. That's why I've set a nominal fee to cover the production and website maintenance costs. I kindly request you not to forward the sound clips to others. I don't want anyone to face the same challenges I did. If you do decide to share them, I encourage you to ask for something in return. It's important to maintain a balance of energy exchange. However, I still advise against forwarding them altogether.